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WP8: The Quality MANUAL (TQM) 

QC for the best care

First of all, to ensure quality of the new outcomes a Quality Control Group will be created. The Group will be responsible for the Project Contingency Plan, implementing of internal and external QC procedures and inter-project coaching.


The quality control and monitoring will be done via the mechanisms and activities based on a developed quality manuals be include: setting the procedures and documentation needed for internal control of project process and the production of material and information for follow up (by developing and validating indicators and data collection). In particular, a detailed Quality Manual will be produced where the different Indicators, Procedures and Evaluation Mechanisms.


In order to avoid (or minimize) the delays and deviation of project implementation strategy the Quality Control Group will generate the Project Contingency Plan which includes the measures and actions to be used in case of any troubles / force majeure during the life cycle of the project. 

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